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CLIENTFINDER is an artificial Intelligent cloud-based software that helps you find targeted buyer leads and prospective clients for your business. >>CHECKOUT HERE>>



What Is ClientFinda?

CLIENTFINDER is an artificial Intelligent cloud-based software that helps you find targeted buyer leads and prospective clients for your business. Are you having trouble attracting customers? You’re not by yourself.

It is not difficult to start a business, but it can be tough to grow one over time. The reason for this is because you require consistent cash flow.

Cash flow failure is one of the most common causes of failure in fast-growing enterprises. Sometimes the thrill of increasing sales outpaces your ability to fund it. It’s particularly difficult because you’ve become a victim of your own success.

Plan carefully for expansion, and make sure you have a stable source of finance in place to support it before it happens. At the very least, if you plan ahead of time, And the only way to maintain a consistent cash flow is to have customers who are willing to pay for your goods or services.

Getting good clientele may be a big pain in the neck for a company.

I’ll show you how to find them, as well as the best methods and system to employ.

Only around 20% of new enterprises survive their first year of operation, according to statistics.

Within the first five years, half of all small enterprises fail.

These figures might be frightening, whether you’re a seasoned small business owner or a first-time entrepreneur.

If you want to obtain great clients for your business, regardless of what niche you serve or whether it’s a service or product-based firm, then the new ClientFinda App is all you need.

Because of the positive buzz surrounding this software, I decided to write an in-depth review. ClientFinda is a game-changer…and much needed… and it solves a major issue for your company.

We’ll go over how it works, who it’s for, how much it costs, the amazing incentives, what the upsells are, and the benefits and drawbacks of this new tool so you can make an informed decision… and, of course, whether it is appropriate for you.

 How Does It Work?

ClientFinda combines the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML) to conduct a comprehensive search for high-quality buyer leads in any niche. All you have to do is respond to a few questions and voila…

ClientFinda’s artificial Intelligent wizard creates laser-targeted and pre-qualified buyer leads, focusing on people who have specific needs and are most likely to purchase your services. CHECKOUT HERE


Ifiok Nkem is a full-stack digital marketer and an IT product manager. He cofounded Snapilabs, a technological innovation lab that has built and successfully launched many cloud software solutions with over 20,000 delighted users in 47 countries, after a dramatic career move from Medicine and Surgery to Tech/ICT.

Forbes reviewed and welcomed Ifiok Nkem into their elite Business Council in honor of his track record of positively impacting entrepreneurs and small businesses, industry leadership, and personal and professional accomplishments.


FEATURES OF ClientFinder

Here are a few of ClientFinda’s more intriguing features.

You can learn whether or not your potential lead is running ads, as well as what type of ad they are running. Across platforms, such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Adwords, the ad media identification is done for you.

You can then approach them with ready-to-use advertising or an ad service proposal if they don’t run ads at all, based on their brand needs and preferences.

You will be able to provide your consumers with the following service:

GMB Status – Is there a Google My Business listing for them yet? This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get straight in and save the day!

Google Rank – What is the company’s Google ranking? Does the website make good use of optimization? If not, try to persuade them to hire you.

Ad Pixels – Are their adverts ineffective? As soon as you interact with them, sell them high-converting advertising, almost as if you could read their minds!

Google Analytics – Find out if your lead uses Google Analytics to track and grow their brand on their website in real time. If not, jump in and save the day while being paid.

Discover websites that don’t employ schema markup and reach out to them so you can offer them your services and charge them top bucks.


Linkedin Page — Determine whether or if the company has a LinkedIn profile, as well as information about their connections…

Find out if the company has a Facebook page, as well as information such as page likes, posts, and activity.

Twitter — See if the company has a Twitter account, including information such as the number of followers, tweets, and retweets!


1.Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning are used to power ClientFinder.

2.Our sophisticated technology assists you in identifying and pre-qualifying only those leads who are most likely to require and purchase your services.

3.The solution is to use mass appeal. Your company’s lifeline is lead generation. To stay in business, all of your subscribers rely on ClientFinda to close laser-targeted buyer leads.

4.Anyone who has previously purchased an app with commercial or agency rights requires this in order to begin closing clients and making money from their purchases.

5.ClientFinda assists you in avoiding selling the wrong services/products to the wrong customers.

6.Simply by contacting only those prospects who are most likely to buy from you, you may increase your conversion and sales.

7.ClientFinda will practically 10X the results of cold calling. Only contact folks that are interested in your service, and learn everything you can about your lead before you contact them.


It can be used in the following industries:

Realtors and real estate


Listings on Airbnb

Automobile Sales

Recreation and travel

Computer and video games

Music and film

Retail and virtual shopping


Video Promotion


Regardless of your target audience – social media marketing, content marketing, website building, paid ads, email marketing, SEO, ecommerce, traffic, agency & MMO, and so on.

This deal is ideal for you because everyone requires buyer leads.


It is simple to use and takes only three steps to get qualified buyer leads for any topic.

1) Target Audience – Select your target audience from the drop-down menu (location, niche, social media presence, online reviews etc.)


2) Look at the Results – Look at the companies that are most likely to buy your services. (AI, NLP, and machine learning ensure 99.99 percent accuracy.)


3) Close Clients And Make Money – Contact the clients who are most likely to purchase your services so you don’t waste time on dead leads.



It would be wrong if I do not spell out the good or bad side of CLIENTFINDER

The list of advantages is clearly extensive, but I’ll highlight a few.

  • Guaranteed higher conversions
  • Maximum global reach with cutting-edge technology
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Setup is simple.
  • Everyone requires a mass appeal solution.
  • Every company’s lifeline is lead generating.




  • If you have any problems with ClientFinda, you must contact support.
  • Every day following the introduction, the price will increase.
  • The funnel is quite deep. There are four different upgrade options: this isn’t much of a disadvantage because the software functions fine without any of them.
  • A strong internet connection is required.



 ClientFinda.AI – Commercial Licence CHECKOUT HERE


ClientFinda Pro Unlimited  – VISIT CLIENTFINDA PRO UNLIMITED SALESPAGE HERE  or a cheap one-time price, users can conduct infinite searches, generate unlimited leads, close unlimited clients, and make unlimited profits.


All restrictions are removed with the unlimited edition. You may get a taste of the actual power of limitless laser-targeted leads and sales. In addition, all pro users receive immediate access to premium and personalized extras, as well as priority support.


 Outreachr – AI Cold Email Writer >>>CHECKOUT FROM HERE>>>

Outreachr is a fully automated, AI-powered lead communication solution.


After using ClientFinda to generate high-quality leads, the next step is to contact them and convert them into clients. This is where Outreachr comes in; users may, in only three clicks,


Use artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor cold outreach emails based on your prospect’s online behavior, activity, and business need.

Send personal emails that are effective.

Make up interesting subject lines.

Converting emails on autopilot eliminates the need for manual labor.

All of this can be done right from your ClientFinda app.


 Done For You Digital Marketing Services>>>CHECK THIS VERSION HERE>>>

You now have an unending supply of high-quality leads willing to pay for your services… Get instant access to ten full-featured digital marketing service kits and start offering high-demand digital marketing services to your new and existing customers.


You may use this to build and grow a profitable agency that sells ten services to local businesses. For ten local specialties, you get a ready-made agency website, prospecting kit, brochures, proposals, and more.


Get ten brand-new, cutting-edge agency kits in one convenient package.

Websites, proposals, graphics, contracts, and other services aimed to boost your outcomes.

To amaze your clients, you have exclusive rights to use our testimonials and case studies.

Slides from a professional video

Script for a sales video that has been proven to convert

Overdubbed with a real human voice


For any local business owner, play these explanation videos… They’ll bite your handoff if you ask for $2,500.


 Resellify + ClientFinda Reseller – CHECKOUT THIS VERSION HERE 

You can resell CleintFinda as your own app and keep 100% of the profit. Selling software goods is a simple method to make money.




Resell five high-quality software programs with professionally produced sales pages and marketing materials. You can begin selling right away. You can sell them to local businesses and keep 100% of the profits.


1: Socicake is an all-in-one social media marketing platform.

Designbunlde’s 10-in-one design suite is number two.

3: Leadgrow has created a lead generation funnel for you.

4: The Uduala ecommerce dominance platform

5: Agencyblitz – 4 local agency marketing packages completed for you



NOTE: Not only are you getting a great discount on this product if you buy, but I’ve increased the value by including the extra features listed below! Simply purchase from any of the links on this page.


Customer CIA is the first bonus.>> CHECK IT FROM HERE>>


There are conventional clients who might buy your stuff, and there are hyper-responsive buyers who are genuinely interested in finding you and purchasing your product. Could I inquire as to which of these buyers you are hoping to attract?


Let me let you in on a little secret. This is why, before you begin marketing your products or services, you must first obtain the necessary information on your ideal buyer.


How can you go about developing a buyer profile now that I have your attention? What’s more, how do you know where to look for these people? And how should you construct your sales copy to appeal to them? All you have to do is purchase from any of the links on this page.


Bonus 2: Secrets of High-Ticket Clients


Who else wants to start getting high-ticket clients right now? How about doubling, tripling, quadrupling, or even tenfolding your income… Are you ready to start this month?


Whether you’re used to selling low-ticket goods around $50, I’m curious if you’d like to improve your game and start selling high-ticket items. I’m talking about sales of $500, $1,000, $2,000, and more!


Bonus 3: On-Demand Lead Generation


Learn how to generate leads in any niche online. Do you have trouble visualizing your own success? Finally… Learn how to increase your online lead generation in any niche. Follow This Step-by-Step Guide to On-Demand Lead Generation.


Your firm will never prosper if you are unable to create new leads and convert them into paying clients, regardless of the type of industry you are in. If you want your business to thrive, you must constantly bring in new clients.


It may appear that generating more leads is a straightforward chore, but you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your marketing plan and aren’t getting any results.


Affiliate Marketing School is the fourth bonus.


Anyone who is fed up with not being able to make money online. Do you want to learn how to make money as an affiliate? Learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer.


Would you like to join the top 1% of affiliates? What if you could start earning affiliate commissions in just 24 hours?


Learn all you need to know about becoming a successful affiliate from A to Z! Without the need for a mailing list, merchandise, or any prior experience. And there’s so much more…


Affiliate Marketing School is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.


BONUS 5: Ninja Mobile Market


Mobile Market Ninja is a lightning-fast client finder app that mines GOOGLE for laser-targeted leads.


Simply enter your specialty keyword and location, and Mobile Market Ninja will provide a large list of local business leads ranging from 25 to 1000.


BONUS 6: Gold Email List Building


Having trouble growing your own email list? With this Email List Building Blueprint at your disposal, you can build your list faster than ever before. Now is the time to start building your email list the easy way…


You’ll discover how to: Start with the end in mind, get super fast exposure for your offers, build a relationship with your list, and automate the entire process.


Are you tired of hearing how beneficial list building is and want to learn how to start your own email list?


Have you read a slew of eBooks that have just served to perplex you? Do you know what tools effective email marketers use but aren’t sure how to put them to use?


BONUS 7: Client Attraction Offline


When you call a local business, you’ll likely find that they’ve been approached by hundreds, if not thousands, of other offline marketers before you.


For some, the largest issue was simply not knowing how to market to a business owner.


Most business owners dislike being pitched on SEO and other unpleasant services that will only cost them money.


It can be difficult for them at times, but always remember that how you approach your business, the type of business you have, and the service you provide all make a difference.


BONUS 8: Templates for Client Acquisition


No matter how big or little your company is or how many clients you want, you need a strategy to obtain and keep customers.


And you’ll need a quick and simple technique to accomplish this. One method is to use templates for your conversations.


BONUS 9: Backlink Finder


It is a tool that helps you find out where your links are coming from.

Discover a simple software tool that can find a limitless number of relevant backlinks… With just a few mouse clicks. Yes, it is correct.

With automation, you can gain more backlinks faster and grow your traffic and income without breaking a sweat. Once you have the correct tool for the job, it’s a cinch…

More visitors, more purchases, more revenue… and even better search engine results. When you utilize this powerful software, you’ll have access to all of this. Plus, you won’t have to strain or waste time looking for and obtaining backlinks.

Instead, you can simply launch this useful software whenever you wish, and it will cherry-pick the best backlinks.


BONUS 10: School of List Building


Anyone who is fed up with not being able to make money online. How To Make Money With A Profitable Email List On Demand!


Discover The Insider Secrets To Growing A Profitable Email List! Would you wish to use your email list to generate a six-figure income?


What if you could build a profitable email list that truly pays you money without any prior experience or expertise? Learn the exact step-by-step approach for building successful email lists, then use it again and again!


Finally, discover the expertise that will allow you to live a life of passive income, where your list generates earnings for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! And there’s so much more.


BONUS 11: Clients Who Pay a Lot


Making sales is one thing; making high-priced sales is an entirely different matter. To do this, you’ll need to attract high-paying customers to make purchases from you.


You’ll discover how to get high-paying clients to make purchases from you in this eight-part video class.


You’ll also find information about:


How do you establish oneself as an authority figure?

How to find and qualify customers

The selling procedure

objection to a sale

What should you charge for your product?

How do you deliver after you’ve received payment?


BONUS 12: Blueprint for Local Business Traffic


Today is the day to boost your company’s and website’s traffic. How well-versed are you on the subject of local business traffic? It’s time to unlock the mysteries of traffic and attract more customers to your business. Would you be interested if I showed you how to get a lot of local traffic to your business?


We’re all striving to get more traffic, much like the majority of business owners. I understand that the competition is fierce! Do you have the impression that there are no ways that genuinely work these days, or that all methods have been exhausted?




BONUS 1: Formula for Email Profits


I’m offering this fantastic package to help you make the most of email marketing and reach out to a large number of people without spending a bunch.


So get in gear and take advantage of this bonus to boost your growth chances and establish yourself as an enviable success story.


BONUS 2: Bundle of Local Business Graphics


This is an all-in-one package that includes 40+ quality and attention-getting marketing visuals that span over 40 local niches.


The visuals were professionally developed and come with ready-to-use copy and text!


You may put them on your website, utilize them for social media marketing, and run advertisements with them… In fact, you can use them for almost every type of marketing or branding you can think of.


You’ll get the jpeg file for a preview as well as the PSD file, which you can easily alter and customize to match your needs.


BONUS 3: 365-Day Done-For-You Social Media Content Calendar and Strategy [Full Year]


Done-For-You 365-Day Social Media Content Calendar & Strategy


You’ll never run out of content for your social media marketing with this vault since you’ll get ready-made daily curated content with fresh hot themes, offering you ALL the benefits of content marketing without any of the work.


BONUS 4: LinkedIn Auto-Posting Tool


(Whitelabel & Multi-Account License)


You may establish a promotion campaign on LinkedIn with just a few clicks, and the script’s various capabilities will undoubtedly provide you with a terrific experience.




Multi-LinkedIn accounts are supported, allowing you to advertise in a more complete manner.


The statistical success rate of the posts is reported in this report.


Repost post: This feature allows you to automatically post every day without having to do so manually.


Random post: chooses a random profile to post in a certain amount of time.


Support for multiple languages: makes it simple to access and use the product to its full potential.


Easy customization and a variety of themes provide you additional options when it comes to management.


BONUS 5: What Is The Best Way To Sell Your Product Or Service On The Internet?


Selling online has never been easy, and as the world evolves, it becomes much more complicated and competitive.


Top marketers, on the other hand, would tell you that internet marketing is one of the most profitable businesses ever.


So, how do they do it, what secrets do they have, and what do you think you’re missing out on?


These questions, as well as others, were addressed in this video.


This training will help you close high paying customers who will pay good money if you follow the methods in this video, especially if you use ClientFinda.



In my humble opinion, you should go to the SALESPAPGE and see for yourself. ClientFinda is your best friend if you want to keep your business going without worrying about running out of clients or cash flow.


As a result, I’ll conclude by saying that ClientFinda is a timely solution that I highly suggest.


Without a doubt, I can give it a five-star rating; anything less will be considered “BIAS!”


>>> Now go to ClientFinda>>> by clicking this button>>>





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