Uses of vacuum cleaner in housekeeping-In today’s world, a vacuum cleaner is a must-have device in every home. It has simplified the task of cleaning the house. Did you know, though, that the vacuum cleaner can be used for a variety of other things? Every home now has a vacuum cleaner as a vital tool for cleaning dirt and dust. They are, in fact, one of the most useful domestic gadgets ever created. They improve air quality, make it easier to clean the floor, and lower the danger of an allergic reaction. Manufacturing businesses are coming up with gleaming bodies, cutting-edge designs, and other wonderful features to make vacuum cleaners more effective and efficient.

If you want to save time doing domestic duties, a vacuum cleaner is the finest device to get. They provide a tremendous suctional force that is extremely useful in eliminating dust, hair, and other particles from your home or business. Cleaning a large house or business on a regular basis would be practically impossible without vacuum cleaners.

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Time and energy are saved by using a vacuum cleaner – Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is not only more hygienic, but also safer than cleaning with a broom. Vacuum cleaners can clean in a matter of minutes, however manual cleaning might take up to an hour. With a vacuum cleaner, you can get a complete cleaning done in the smallest amount of time. They are quick and simple to use. Furthermore, using a vacuum cleaner requires less labor and energy.

Simple to use – The vacuum cleaner is simple to set up and use. Simply put it into an electrical outlet and move it about the floor or wherever you wish to clean, and you’ll notice that the cleaning is done with less effort.

Removes allergens from the air we breathe – Vacuum cleaners use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or other types of filters that block and eliminate disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses from the air in your home. A HEPA air filter can theoretically remove 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, mold, germs, and any other airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns (m) in size. Larger or smaller particles are captured with considerably greater efficiency. When the worst-case particle size is used, the worst-case efficiency rating is obtained (i.e. 99.97 percent or better for all particle sizes). To perform correctly, all air purifiers require cleaning and filter replacement on a regular basis. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and replacement instructions.

A vacuum cleaner with advanced functions is available – Vacuum cleaners nowadays have a slew of advanced functions that you wouldn’t believe. Cleaning will be simple if you have a vacuum cleaner with advanced features. Furthermore, sophisticated vacuum cleaners, such as robotic vacuum cleaners, always have the benefit of an automatic surface revealing sensor to determine and perform efficiently.

Even when you are not at home, your vacuum cleaner cleans your home – Even if you are not at home, the robotic vacuum cleaners will clean your home. Because of their advanced autonomous features, they can work in a robotic manner. The robotic vacuum cleaner will detect the amount of dirt and adjust its operation accordingly. As a result, you will not be required to manually run the machine in order for it to clean your home for you.

They’re Versatile – This is when things start to get interesting. The regular handheld vacuum cleaner will do the job, but the machines that come with a variety of attachments and extras have a lot more to offer.


You can clean practically every place in your house if you buy a handheld vacuum cleaner with a lot of attachments. A crevice tool with a small end may fit between couch cushions, blinds, and automobile seats. It can also fit between walls and furniture in tight spaces, sucking up dust and pet hair from corners and beneath cabinets. Dust baseboards, blinds, and those pesky cobwebs in the ceiling corners with a soft-tip brush tool with an extension tube or telescopic handle. Clean ceiling and floor vents, hardwood floors, and shelf knickknacks with it. Couches, stairwells, and ceiling fans may all be cleaned with additional attachments. Again, the options are limitless.


Find a Minor Item You May Have Misplaced – We frequently misplace small items because we lose track of them. In this scenario, we require assistance in locating valuable goods that are little and may not be visible to the naked eye

For the Purpose of Pet Grooming

When grooming your pet, all of the fur and extra filth falls to the floor of your home. This makes grooming the pet a nightmare, and you’ll want to avoid it at all costs. Use your vacuum cleaner in this situation. This will not only offer your pet a fantastic massage, but it will also remove all undesirable hair and fur from its body. And you’ll receive all of this without having to spread the mess all over the floor because the vacuum cleaner will take care of it.

Repairing Carpet Dents

Carpet dents can also be repaired with vacuum cleaners. This is most likely to occur if you have recently purchased furniture and dragged it across the carpet. In this scenario, ice cubes should be placed on the carpet where the dent is evident and then melted. The vacuum cleaner should next be used to clean the damp area. You may restore the carpet to its original shape by following this simple procedure.

Cleaning the Ceiling Fan

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, one of the most unexpected and surprising uses for it is to clean the fan. It gets simple to clean the fan if you grab it and run it through it. The only thing you’d have to worry about is getting to the ceiling fan in the first place. You will need a ladder and an extender for this. In fact, you will be pleased at the end of it because there will be no mess or filth on the floor.

An Air Mattress is inflated

Another unusual application of the vacuum cleaner is to inflate an air mattress at home. When you don’t have access to an air pump and unexpected guests arrive, an air mattress becomes essential. A vacuum cleaner can also help, and the same can be used to inflate an air mattress.

Spread a Pleasant Smell throughout the Room

Take a few drops of oil and place it in the vacuum cleaner’s bag before covering it. The aroma of the essential oils will travel throughout the house as you vacuum. This would be a fantastic way to freshen up your living area.

Cleaning the Vent of the Dryer

Another unusual but necessary application for the vacuum cleaner is cleaning the dryer vent. It’s simple and will save you both time and money.

Help children learn how to clean

 Children loves toy-like electronics, with vacuum cleaner you can trick them to learn how to clean the house so easily. The machine will help them inculcate cleaning habit.

Insect Control Efforts

According to a study conducted by Ohio State University, frequent vacuuming kills 96 percent of fleas (adult and larvae) in a home.

1 Dust mites and the human skin cells they feed on can also be removed from mattresses using a vacuum.


A suction hose and crevice tool are also useful for catching spiders or mosquitoes that congregate in ceiling corners. After the insects are gone, use a rubber band to secure a clean white cloth to the tool to keep cobwebs and dust at bay.

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